Sunday, October 29, 2006

Nemba - Lake Sai

I went there second time. First I went there in this March with my freind. At that time there were a few houses, but now there are 12 houses, and in 2009 there will be more 11 houses rebuild.
Total houses are 23 houses in future.

We ate Soba, it’s very good but very crowded and need to wait
:-( you can see the beautiful special hina dolls, usually hina doll sits on the seat, these hina dolls like a mobile, called tsurushi bina, it means hanging hina dolls with thread.

Today we can see beautiful mount fuji for a very short time because of a little windy day and the cloud cover mount fuji. Many people are coming and take many pictures here.

In 1966 big mudslide hit Nemba ,32 people died
and this village was wiped out. This is one of the only a few survival old house, very old and not colorful but simple. I love it.


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