Monday, October 09, 2006

The site of Kofu Castle - English tour

Yesterday I went to Maizurujo Park in Kofu to take special English tour. Kofu castle was very important for the goverment of Ed because Kofu is very close to Ed(former name of Tokyo) and play the role to protect Ed. So Kofu was the direct control place of the goverment of Ed. Now we can see the site of Kofu castle in Maizurujyo park, some of them are restored. The northern part of Kofu station is the redevelopment area now, a few years later we can see other historical restored buildings. I'm looking forward to seeing it!

I passed the Uchimatsukage Mon (The gate of Uchimatsukage) to enter the park.
It takes a few minites by walk from Kofu station.
There are many stone walls in this park, these walls are slightly different version of each period.
At that time there were also hot spirings in the castle. Volunteer guide said, still maybe we can take it at the old Ryokan near the park.
I will try!

Butokuden Palace was build in 1931 . Japanese traditional Yamanashi tournament like Jyudo, Kendo and so on are held here.

When we go up the slope to the top, I find Mount Fuji with first snow. Isn't it beautiful? I think I'm very lucky because I can see mount fuji everyday and the season changing around Yamanashi's nature.


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